Ah, beer. The cause of and the solution to all of life’s problems.

About Us

Dads' Liquid Therapy - is a nonprofit organization comprised of local groups of dads that like to get together, build community, drink beer and raise money for charity.

For monthly Dads' Liquid Therapy nights, each brewery, distillery or bar visited will typically donate the first drink (micro-brew or moderately price cocktail) to each member. Each Dad will then make a charitable donation for that drink.

Donations go into the Dads’ Liquid Therapy account that supplies www.Kiva.org with funds to provide Micro Finance loans to help fathers in the developing world build businesses to end poverty. It is a great “excuse” to grab a drink, make new friends, and make the world a better place.

Dads' Liquid Therapy groups currently meet in Fort Collins, CO and Portland, ME. If you are interested in starting a Dads’ Liquid Therapy group in your community please feel free to reach out to Robert Crow at info@dadsliquidtherapy.com

Doing Good

Kiva - Microfinance

Every time we get together, we drink beer. Money from each beer goes back to our non-profit where 100% of the funds received go to charity. Since all of the money (with the exception of Kiva’s operational costs) is distributed as micro-loans, once paid back to the Dad’s Liquid Therapy account they are subsequently re-donated to a new recipient. Brilliant, really!

Click here to learn more about the recipients of Kiva Loans.

Drinking Beer


DLT meets every 3rd Thursday of the month starting at (about) 7pm.

Destinations range from breweries, to whiskey tastings, to archery ranges (followed by a trip to a brewery), to Laser Tag (followed by a trip to a brewery). Attendees are encouraged to bike to the location, get rides, hitchhike, or share cabs home. And of course, always drink responsibly.

Being Awesome

Special Events

Apart from our monthly meetings, we will send out DLT Special Events notifications for special events (Pro-Soccer, Baseball, Fun Run, Concerts). We won't flood your inbox, though.

Once or twice a year we have a "Family Liquid Therapy" night where the whole gang is encouraged to come out, mostly so our other halves can meet each other and see what a respectable group we are.

Membership Stuff

There are no rules. No fees. Just sign up below and you'll get an email notification and reminder of the event location. RSVP to the invite so we have an idea for the numbers planning to attend.

Everyone can also access the event calendar below. Members are always encouraged to think of ways to help grow the group and raise additional funds for Kiva.org but DLT is not a business networking group. It is fine to talk about work, but our gatherings are not a place to come to collect leads or generate referrals. We're here to drink beer...and do some good. Leave the business at the door.

Getting In

Never been but want to join us? Great! Just fill out the following form and we'll add you to the invite list.

Your information will remain private, but will let us know to expect you that evening. There is nothing worse than walking into a room of 40 people and not knowing anybody -- we want to be on the look-out for you and make sure there are other members of DLT to whom we can introduce you who share similar interests.

Board Members

Because we're obligated to mention them

Robert Crow - Founder and Board Chair
Luke Stromquist - Vice Chair
Brian Schmeirer - Treasurer
Jim Otepka - Secretary
James Ritchey - Board Member
Rob Streight - Board Member
Michael L. Olivier - Board Member

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Our Events

Here's our upcoming Dad's Liquid Therapy & Dad's Dinner Therapy events will be listed. DDT happens on the first Thursday of the month and DLT happens on the third Thursday of the month.
If none are displaying, it only means we haven't set up the next event (we usually do it at the beginning of each month).

DLT: Ft. Collins, CO

The Whisk(e)y
Thursday, December 20th, 2018 at 7:00PM - 10:00PM
This month's DLT is a little different as we're holding a fundraiser for local charity.
First beer is "pay what you want to charity!" Take Uber or ride your bike!

DLT: Portland, ME

Goodfire Brewing Company
Thursday, December 20th, 2018 at 6:00PM - 8:00PM
First beer is "pay what you want to charity!" Take Uber or ride your bike!

Contact Information
Dads' Liquid Therapy
Fort Collins, CO & Portland, ME